Founded by a Visionary Leader

About The Founder:

Nael Ahmed is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive 33-year career, including 15 years serving as the head of two successful companies. Throughout his career, Nael has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a strategic mindset, driving business growth and profitability. He is renowned for his ability to lead turnarounds, assemble and lead high-performing teams, and cultivate strong relationships with stakeholders. Nael has a remarkable track record of delivering outstanding results and achieving remarkable success.

As a visionary leader, Nael possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics and places a strong emphasis on building a resilient organizational culture. Currently, he is continuing his professional journey as a Consultant, Mentor, and Coach, leveraging his vast expertise to assist others in achieving their goals.

Nael has garnered three decades of valuable experience working for renowned companies such as Pepsi Cola International, Reckitt, and Abu Dawood Trading Company Pakistan, a fully owned company of Abu Dawood, Saudi Arabia. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insights from his extensive tenure in the industry.

Nael holds an MBA from IBA Karachi, Pakistan, as well as an MS in Economics from the University of Nebraska Omaha, USA.

Nael Ahmed

Our Associates

Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh

Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh is an experienced civil servant with over three decades of public and development sectors. He has held significant positions such as Finance Secretary Pakistan, Secretary Planning, and Chairman Planning & Development Board, Finance Secretary Punjab at the provincial level. Hamed played a crucial role in implementing reforms, particularly in the areas of governance, public policy, and public finance at both the provincial and federal levels. He led government’s technical team during negotiations for the 7th & 8th  Review of the IMF’s Extended Fund Facility and actively contributed to the finalization of the 9th Review.

Currently, he is leading a major macroeconomic recovery programme, Revenue Mobilisation Investment & Trade (REMIT) funded by the UKaid / Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) as the Team Leader. Hamed’s academic achievements include an MBA from IBA Karachi and an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) in the United Kingdom, where he was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship. Furthermore, he was honoured with the Hubert Humphery Fellowship in 2013, highlighting his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Hammad Anis

Hammad is a Digital transformation leader, a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant with over 22+ years of  corporate experience as business & financial strategy and digital transformation expert. 

As advisor and board member he plays a pivotal role in supervising and overseeing the strategy, planning and  execution and ensures that the organizational structure works in harmony and collaboration. With an  inquisitive and solution-oriented mindset, Hammad is a skilled Leader, he lead and trained diversified teams and  delivered solutions to mitigate prevailing cultural challenges through assessments and learning interventions at different multinationals in Middle East & Pakistan. 

He is/was associated with following corporates and supported their objectives as Leader/advisor/expert. 

Barclays Bank Plc- UAE  | Mouchel Middle East- UAE | Pakistan State Oil- Pakistan  | Pak Arab Refinery Co- Pakistan  | Abu Dawood Pakistan- Pakistan | QBS Co Pvt Limited -UAE  | Ali Zaid Al- Quraishi – KSA 

Imtiaz Zaidi

Imtiaz is a highly experienced Supply Chain professional with a strong background in the FMCG industry. He has successfully managed the entire supply chain process, from procurement to sales distribution, in both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia markets. This includes handling material resource planning, purchasing, production planning, manufacturing, quality assurance, maintenance, inventory management, logistics, shipments, and product distribution to sales.

Throughout his career, Imtiaz has worked for renowned trans-national companies such as Exxon, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. He is known for his results-oriented approach and has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the beverage technical and supply chain sectors of the FMCG industry. He has also gained valuable experience in the heavy chemical industry, particularly in fertilizers.  Imtiaz’s expertise extends to startup businesses, where he has successfully set up new systems and turned around struggling supply chains. His proficiency in commodities purchasing and future hedging has resulted in significant annual savings for the companies he has worked for. Additionally, he has led various continuous improvement projects under operational excellence programs.

Notably, Imtiaz has played a pivotal role in leading, setting up, and implementing Oracle OPM and SAP ERP systems in PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Saudi Arabia respectively. He has also led various projects for digitization and transformation of supply chain systems & business processes, network modeling, Infrastructure Planning & expansion planning and setting up of 3rd Party toll filling / contract manufacturing operations.

Sirosh Ishaq

Sirosh is a seasoned professional with a distinguished background in strategic supply chain and project management, pioneering numerous groundbreaking sustainability initiatives within globally recognized corporations such as Unilever and Abu Dawood Pakistan.

With a track record of implementing cutting-edge efficiency metrics, Sirosh excels in catalyzing transformative change while championing sustainability and social responsibility at every turn. Her expertise extends beyond the conventional, encompassing adeptness in relationship management, change management, and team enablement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development in even the most intricate business landscapes.

Sirosh’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable practices positions her as an indispensable asset for any organization. Revered for her trailblazing approach, she is entrusted to navigate high-level strategic challenges with unparalleled finesse and visionary acumen, consistently delivering results that resonate far beyond industry standards.